What is Veooz?

Veooz is a real time, auto-curated source of news & information extracted via natural language processing of massive amounts of information shared across a wide range of social networks, news sources and blogs. Veooz Semantifire® algorithmically identifies the trending news, images, videos and topics and assign them to categories like Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Technology, etc. with geo-relevance.

The user can get real time, personalized view of the world based on the topics, categories, sub-categories of his/her interest. Veooz Summarizer® presents the best summary of each article, so that users can quickly get up to speed on all the stories of their interest. And they can also go to detail view of any article to get 360 degree view of related articles, images, videos and social buzz. Veooz implementation uses responsive design and uses optimal layout for PC, tablet, mobile form factors.

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