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Summary Cittadine, who had previously served as VP, digital distribution, TCFHE, reports to Keith Feldman, president of worldwide distribution. "Tedd has been instrumental in establishing our digital businesses in the North American marketplace, and his proven results and consummate experience will be valuable in the continued evolution and pursuit of our digital strategy," Feldman said.

Washington Post
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Summary Official Washington is dealing with this trio of are-you-kidding-me reports the way official Washington always deals with controversy: Hearings are being held , firings are being demanded . And it may well be the story of the next decade or more.

Washington Times Communities
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Summary By Dave Boyer - The Washington Times - Wednesday, October 1, 2014. Holding a large lead in the polls, the Democratic candidate for governor of Pennsylvania said Wednesday he will likely raise taxes on workers with income as low as $70,000, a level he called the cutoff for the middle class.

SF Gate
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Summary All the people you want most to avoid in life, now in one convenient app!. For all the reasons listed above, of course, but mainly because, well, they sort of hate you. "With one big exception: Our app allows users to weed out the poor and unattractive."