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AV-8B Harrier jet airplane no nose gear landing on USS Bataan #fb

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Summary So you bought an Android Wear smartwatch. With it, you can swipe from the edge of your watch's display to bring up a drawer of apps, and quickly tap on the one you want. For example, the to-do-list app Wunderlist offers smartwatch functionality (push notifications and note creation), but it only shows up as a regular app on your phone, and not as a dedicated app on your watch.

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Summary Consumers might get their first taste of Apple's new mobile payments service later this month. Let's look at the technology stocks to watch Thursday: Apple. The e-commerce site will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday.

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Summary Procycling brings you the colour, action and drama of the world's most spectacular sport in a glossy and dynamic magazine. With exclusive features and spectacular photography, Procycling brings to life the complexities, rivalries and hardships of the European professional scene. What Mountain Bike is the magazine that gets to the heart of what matters in mountain biking.

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Summary Helium Systems , an Internet of things-inspired platform which aims to connect low-power devices without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, today announced a $15.98 million funding round in a public company filing . The timing, of course, suggests that the $13.4 million round is actually just part of the larger $15.98 million round revealed today.