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April 6 Benefit for OSO: At Heart of Anacortes. An outdoor concert venue in Anacortes right behind the Rockfish Grill

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The Times of India
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Summary AGPC President JS Hothi and Coordinator Dr Pritpal Singh, in a joint statement issued here on Wednesday said "it is praiseworthy and Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission organized the special screening of The Widow Colony, an award winning documentary that amplifies the voices of Sikh widows who lost their loved ones during the 84' riots".

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Summary The second was a $7.65 million fine the Securities and Exchange Commission levied in September. Bank of America is purportedly in the process of completing a settlement with mortgage-bond insurer Ambac Financial Group stemming from toxic mortgage-backed securities sold by the bank and its legacy companies (namely, Countrywide Financial) in the lead-up to the crisis.

Business Insider
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Summary Francis Tapon has been traveling through Africa for a year and has already visited 20 countries, but he's just at the start of his journey. Tapon is on a mission to "reveal the unseen sides of Africa."

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Summary The Dow is off about 130 points early as Wall Street's attention zeroes in on the protests themselves, with markets in Hong Kong and mainland China taking a scheduled holiday break the next two days. U.S. stocks fell hard at the opening bell Wednesday as the Hong Kong standoff continues.