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Russia Floats Out New Frigate for Black Sea Fleet

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Summary WASHINGTON -- Move over, red sports cars. Below are the 20 most-ticketed vehicles, according to the study, following by the percentage of its drivers with tickets. See where your vehicle ranks on the list on the website .

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Summary Pirates starting pitcher Gerrit Cole happens to date Crawford's sister, Amy. In the postseason for the second in a row after 20 consecutive losing seasons, the Pirates fell one step of where they finished last year when they lost to the Cardinals in the NLDS.

Voice of America Blogs
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Summary A report made public Wednesday states that not all of Los Alamos National Laboratory's procedures were properly vetted and some procedures did not conform to environmental requirements. The facility could begin disposing of waste already in place at the complex in the southeastern New Mexico desert as early as 2016, but the projected cost for activities like decontamination that will allow the plant to resume initial operations is about $240 million.

The Chicago Tribune
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Summary A Marine checks himself in the reflective glass of a helicopter in preparation for the arrival of President Barack Obama, at Gary International Airport, in Gary, Ind. President Barack Obama is greeted by U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) and Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson, after landing on Air Force One, at Gary International Airport.