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Bringing together BeagleBone/DigiX sensor network! #IoT #arduino #nodejs ....

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Buffallo News
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Summary Even with Fonzie in the house, Tyler Ennis was the coolest guy in the building. Ennis recovered the puck on the opposite side of the crease. The whistle never blew, however, and P-A Parenteau slid into the crease to knock the puck away from Enroth and into the net.

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Summary This is the time of year when it is easy to be aware of migrations. Whether it is ducks and geese making their long flights from north to south or the more local movement of deer from the mountains to our yards, as temperatures cool and snow falls that movement of animals is again obvious.

The Chicago Tribune
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Summary PALATINE -- Deerfield's Sam Kuznetsky knew his playing time would increase in his senior year, what with him only seeing the court a minute or two each game last season. "It was a good learning moment for me," Kuznetsky said.

Mail Online
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Summary Shooting took place in the upscale department store in Chicago . The woman who has not been identified was taken to the city's Northwestern Memorial Hospital while the man was declared dead at the scene. . Police have said it was a domestic-related incident and the woman was a seasonal employee at the store.

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