Summary The Oregon Department of Administrative Services said Monday that Sharon Sweet got $310,000. Flaherty fired Sweet in October 2011, saying the investigator's work was not "consistently above expectations" and she violated personnel rules by not disclosing her involvement in a romantic relationship with another investigator. The Bend Bulletin reports that since 2005 the department has paid about $1.7 million in claims on employment-related lawsuits filed against all Oregon district attorneys.

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Fox News
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Summary A general view of The Ivy Apartments in Dallas, Texas October 1, 2014. The hospital cited the stricken man's privacy as the reason for not identifying him. A Liberian official said the man traveled through Brussels to the United States.

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Summary Those three schools have the most undergraduate alumni working in finance and investment banking, according to new data from the online networking platform LinkedIn ( LNKD , Tech30 ). LinkedIn crunched the data on its millions of members in the U.S., ranking the undergraduate universities with the most employees in different professions.

Alabama Local News
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Summary staff picks: Week 6's Kevin Scarbinsky, Annice Deweese and Alex McDaniel break down the Auburn-LSU and Alabama-Ole Miss games. Pick against the experts in the College Pick 'Em Game !. Also be sure to watch Kevin Scarbinsky, Annice Deweese and Alex Walsh break down two major SEC games in the video above.

Washington Post
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Summary Sounds like someone pulled that plan straight out of a sci-fi script, but it was actually mentioned deep down in a Government Accountability Office report on the National Nuclear Security Administration, an agency that manages the nation's atomic-weapons arsenal.