Summary Talking about the weather is a pastime as old as language, but climate researchers from the University of East Anglia (UEA) in the UK have just given people a whole lot more to talk about. Established in 1971, the UEA's Climate Research Unit (CRU) has become one of the leading institutions involved in the study of natural and anthropogenic climate change.

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Los Angeles Times
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Summary There was also an attack Monday. The attacks have come after Afghanistan signed a strategic security pact with the United States that extends the presence of some U.S. and international military personnel beyond December, when the current mandate of U.S.-led NATO forces ends.

The Times of India
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Summary "In their discussion they emphasised on US-India common security interests, their commitment to the strategic partnership and future areas of security cooperation," Pentagon press secretary, Rear Admiral John Kirby, said after the meeting on Wednesday.

New York Post
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Summary Liberian resident Thomas Eric Duncan, who flew to Dallas aboard United Airlines with stopovers in Brussels and Washington, DC, on Sept. 19, was diagnosed with the deadly virus a week later, his family said on Wednesday.

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Summary On Sept. 18, photographer Daniel Berehulak and New York Times' correspondent Norimitsu Onishi were following a body collection and burial team in Monrovia, Liberia, when they visited the home of a woman who had contracted the Ebola virus and died surrounded by her family.