Summary Barclays is doubling down on the dark pool. Schneiderman's suit, which he announced last month, includes details where employees either left or were fired for refusing to lie during presentations to clients that misstated how much volume went to its own dark pool. The AG is looking to have the motion to dismiss rejected, according to a statement from Schneiderman's office.

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Summary This article summarizes the current situation, how to protect yourself and your family with simple steps for now, and lastly what investment opportunities arise from this historic situation. The situation in the United States is confined to the one single index case at this time.

The New York Times
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Summary BIRMINGHAM, England -- Britain on Tuesday sharply criticized the handling of pro-democracy demonstrations in its former colony, Hong Kong, with the deputy prime minister summoning the Chinese ambassador in protest and warning that the territory's prosperity was at risk if freedoms were suppressed.

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Summary The National Rifle Association began airing this ad in the Louisiana Senate race in late September. The group told PolitiFact that its claim stems from Landrieu's vote to confirm Justice Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court in 2009, a pick the NRA opposed.

Los Angeles Times
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Summary 'I have no doubt that we'll stop this in its tracks in the U.S.,' Tom Frieden, CDC director said. The reality of the current outbreak is far more prosaic. Health officials expected some cases to emerge in the U.S. Dallas was simply the place that won the unfortunate lottery.