Summary Barclays is doubling down on the dark pool. Schneiderman's suit, which he announced last month, includes details where employees either left or were fired for refusing to lie during presentations to clients that misstated how much volume went to its own dark pool. The AG is looking to have the motion to dismiss rejected, according to a statement from Schneiderman's office.

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Summary Authorities say 46-year-old Alejandro Done was arraigned Wednesday in Cambridge District Court. The Boston man pleaded not guilty to charges of rape, assault to rape, kidnapping and two counts of assault and battery. The driver allegedly told the woman that he would need a cash payment, so he took her to an ATM.

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Summary The purpose of the grant-funded roadblock is to increase public safety by removing intoxicated motorists from commonwealth highways and byways. Alben said the checkpoint will be operated during varied hours and the selection of vehicles won't be arbitrary. In 2012, Massachusetts recorded 349 traffic deaths, 123 of which were alcohol-impaired fatalities, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration .

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